Stick Reader/Writer
Leading technology now allows you to write additional information to the microchip!
This simple to use system now allows you to write additional information to the microchip before & after implantation using the Medical Records software program which is compatible with the RT100 V8 Reader/Writer & RT250 Stick Reader/Writer.
Include the implanter’s ID number, owner’s phone number, vaccination data & whether the pet has been de-sexed.
Only takes a couple of minutes!
At Micro Products Australia our aim is to bring you the latest and best RFID products at the lowest price possible.
We were the first company to introduce the new 40% smaller ‘Writeable Minichip’ to Australia aiming at re-uniting lost pets as quickly as possible using this latest industry leading technology.
You can now add the owner’s phone number to the pet’s microchip enabling Vet’s & Ranger’s to quickly contact the owner directly.
For more information, please contact Micro Products Australia on (08) 9490 7347 or email microproductsaustralia@bigpond.com.
*** PLEASE NOTE: Having the telephone number on these writeable minichips does not negate the need to register the animal on a national pet registry. ***