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European Mini microchips

$4.50$11.30 (Exc. GST & Delivery)

Discounts on quantities between 200 and 500 units per product.

For bulk orders of 500+ units, please contact us +61 8 9490 7347 or contact us here

All our Mini Chip (Microchips) are manufactured to the highest European standard. Each sterile needle is packaged individually with 7 barcoded labels. Available with and without Registration.

Pet Registrations Available: Australasian Animal Registry, Central Animal Records, Global Micro Animal Registry, Petsafe

Minimum order of 10

The new “Mini microchip” – the smaller and less invasive microchip option.

Mini microchip – 40% smaller than the standard 12mm x 2.12mm microchip. 

The 8.5mm x 1.4mm RFID transponders are less invasive, and due to size and weight, less likely to migrate.

  • Suitable for all domestic animals
  • Fully registrable with all Australian databases

The new 8.5mm x 1.4mm Microchips (Minichip size)
from $4.50 each (Exc. GST & Delivery).

Each sterile needle is packaged individually with 7 barcoded labels.

Model: 1.4 x 8.5mm glass tag.
Needle size: 1.80 OD x 1.55 ID (OD = Outside Diameter), (ID = Inside Diameter) Length = 25mm.
Weight: 0.52 grams.
Material: Bio-glass with Parylene coating.
IC type: EM4205 chip
Operating frequency: 134.2 +/- 3000 Hz.
Chemical resistance: Water immersion IP68 20°c, 24 hours, 1 metre. Aqueous solution of salts 20°c, 100 hours. Alcohol, oil, HLC (10%) 20°c, 100 hours. Ammonia 20°c, 100 hours.

Vibration test: IEC 68.2.6
Shock: IEC 68.2.29

Storage temp: -40°c to +90°c.
Operating temp:  -35°c to +85°c.
Read range (using a pocket 9v battery scanner):  70mm (2.75″).