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$291.00$691.00 (Exc. GST & Delivery)

Now the owner’s telephone numbers and/or Vaccination Data can now be added to the Minichip.

At Micro Products Australia our aim is to bring you the latest and best RFID products at the lowest price possible.

First in Australia with the Minichips (40% smaller than a standard microchip) and now another first with the industry leading technology aimed at re-uniting lost pets and their owners as quickly as possible.

Rangers simply scan the lost pet and ring the owner directly, which greatly reduces handling time and stress!

Simple to use system now allows you to write additional information to the chip before or after implantation with the:

  • RT100 V8 Reader/Writer OR
  • RT250 Stick Reader/Writer

Writing the information to the Minichip or updating information after implantation takes but a couple of minutes!

For more information contact Micro Products Australia on (08) 9490 7347 or email us here

*Please note that having the telephone numbers on the Minichip does not negate the need to Register the animal on a National Register.

The NEW V8Mobile Reader pairs with any mobile phone that runs on ANDROID. It communicates via Bluetooth and has a battery of its own, completely independent from the phone.

Data can be stored in the memory of the mobile phone, and also stored in the “cloud”.

This new concept not only allows you to read and record numbers of transponders, but also to associate information, such as the date, time, location and photos.

Dimensions: H 173mm, W 83mm, Thickness 27mm
Weight: 160 grams
Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery 1400mA 3.7V
Reads: FDXB, FDXA HDX and EM4102 chips (complying with standards ISO 11784/11785 & 14223).

  • 12mm x 2mm FDXA glass tag reading distance: 100mm
  • 12mm x 2mm FDXB glass tag reading distance: 150-160mm
  • Electronic earpiece 290-310mm

Bluetooth: Enabled
Rechargeable: Charge via USB/Micro USB

V8Mobile User Manuel

Complete with USB cable $691.00 plus GST.

Make your animal identification easier. Ideal for reading microchips in the not so friendly animals.

Display: B/W 4 lines of 16 characters
Dimensions: L 600mm, W 60mm, Thickness 35mm
Weight: 450g
Power supply: 3.7V 5000mA rechargeable battery
Reads: All FDX-B type electronic chips (complying with standard ISO 11784) and HDX chips

  • 12mm x 2mm FDXA glass tag scanning distance: 100mm
  • 12mm x 2mm FDXB glass tag scanning distance: 140mm
  • Ear tag up to 300mm

Memory: 800 numbers
Bluetooth: Enabled
Rechargeable: Powered by a Lithium/ion battery designed to allow several thousand reading operations. It can be recharged by connecting the reader to a USB port. Software (disk) included.

RT250 Specifications

RT250 User Manual

The rechargeable RT100 V8 Reader/Writer is the recommended scanner (microchip reader) due to its versatility with data storage and transfer capacity.

Special Limited Offer $291.00 plus GST.

This unique microchip reader will read almost all chips in the world market, including chips used to identify sheep (complying with standards ISO 11784/11785 & 14223), the Pet Travel Scheme and Horse Passport Chips.

Display: 128 x 64 black and white, OLED
Dimensions: L 155mm x W 82mm x Thickness 33mm
Weight: 155 grams
Power Supply: Lithium Battery 1400mAh 3.7V
Reading Range: >8 cm (12mm x 2mm FDX A/FDX B glass tags)
Bluetooth: Enabled
Rechargeable: Charge via Mini USB

The RT100 V8 is an advanced multi-chip scanner, which can be connected via Bluetooth or USB. This scanner comes with a USB cable for recharging the battery and downloading data. Software (disk) included.

Write To Chips

RT100V8 User Manual

Software Manuals